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MindFactory, AMD crushes Intel with a market share

To this is added of course the whole ecosystem behind. According to the sales of this German retailer there were 5,270 AMD Ryzen processors sold against 770 Intel processors for the first week of June 2020. This means that AMD represents 87.25% of sales for this period leaving Intel a small 12 , 75% market share. Ryzen 5 3600, the most popular CP The company just achieved a new record for its sales at Germany's largest retailer: Mindfactory.de. Clawing even more market share from Intel, the company clocked in at 82% of total CPU sales in.. mindfactory.de, operated by Mindfactory AG, is an online store with nationally-focused sales. Its eCommerce net sales are generated mostly in Germany. Other countries only account for a small share of eCommerce net sales, e. g. Austria. With regards to the product range, mindfactory.de achieves the greatest part of its eCommerce net sales in the Electronics & Media category. Furthermore, products from the Toys, Hobby & DIY category are part of the offer. The online store was.

The company just achieved a new record for its sales at Germany's largest retailer: Mindfactory.de. Clawing even more market share from Intel, the company clocked in at 82% of total CPU sales in November 2019, up from 78% in October. The market share increase was led primarily by the Ryzen R7 3700X and R5 3600X processors As per the latest data provided by Mindfactory, Intel has been able to increase its market share by just 3% in the last three months in Germany. Keep in mind that these numbers don't represent the global mood of the market, but are still a good indication of local DIYers' mindset Even in October AMD saw a huge 78% CPU market share with Mindfactory.de sales, but November was an even better month with 82% -- most of the success is thanks to AMD's new Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 5.. AMD is a company that is less than 10% the size of Intel, with market share to match. When they outsell Intel in ANY market, it's news, not agenda. Reporting on that is like reporting on frogs raining from the sky. It's news because it is out of the ordinary, regardless of which team you're on. People report things out of the ordinary, but you, as unbiased and impartial as you are, chose not to do

Mindfactory Jan.2020 Sales Ø Price Revenue Sales Share Revenue Share; Enthusiast (>€900) 495: €1,231.71: €609,695.70: 2.7%: 9.1%: High-End (€500-900) 3,890: €595.06: €2,314,781.70: 21.2%: 34.7%: Midrange (€250-500) 6,510: €389.79: €2,537,512.15: 35.5%: 38.0%: Mainstream (€100-250) 6,150: €184.47: €1,134,493.30: 33.5%: 17.0%: Entry (<€100) 1290: €60.36: €77,863.10: 7.0%: 1.2%: AM Not only has AMD wiped Intel's market share, they've pushed the entire consumer market to upgrade. Look at the difference between the number of CPUs sold last year compared to this year. AMD is selling more CPUs by itself than AMD + Intel for the last three months! level 1. Shoomby

Mindfactory, one of Germany's largest retailers have released figures (which a redit user compiled into graphs) showing a massive uplift in CPU sales for AMD with both market share exceeding 80% and sales hitting 75% for team red, Surely this has to be a massive hit for Intel and just goes to show that Xen2, despite the issues reported with the. The April edition of our Mindfactory sales data reveals that sales for both Intel and AMD are only marginally down month on month. This is in-spite of Germany being in a state of a partial lockdown. Sales volume for both the chip manufacturers actually increased in the second half of March, compared to the first half. AMD's market share in the first half of March stood at 88.4% while Intel was left with a 11.6% market share. This marked an increase of 240 basis points for AMD from.

AMD's revenue share at Mindfactory.de has also climbed significantly, from 35.6 percent to 54 percent over the same time period. Data provided by Ingebor Put together, these sales look fairly good.. Die Mindfactory-Listungen sind leider nicht gänzlich perfekt, manchmal verschwinden einzelne Grafikkarten-Modelle und tauchen nachher unvermittelt wieder auf - möglicherweise basierend auf Nachliefer-Problemen. Mit der Zeit lassen sich diese fehlenden Grafikkarten natürlich allesamt jener Excel-Datei zutragen, zudem passiert dieser Fehler sowieso zumeist nur bei schlecht lieferbaren Modellen, deren Verkaufszahlen üblicherweise nicht wirklich hoch sind. Die geschätzte. AMD's market share at Mindfactory stood at 91.4% in the second half of June, which declined to 86.6% in the first half of July and rose 500 basis points to reach 87.1% in the second half of July

AMD sales hit 80% for mindfactory

Mindfactory Graphics Cards Sales Report - January 2020 Und damit nun endlich zu den wichtigsten Zahlen von allen: Der gesamte Marktanteil unter Consumer-Grafikkarten zwischen AMD und nVida lag bei der Mindfactory im Januar 2020 bei 42,7% zu 57,3% auf Stückzahlen-Seite Out of AMD's 65% total market share at Mindfactory, 57% was Pinnacle Ridge (Ryzen 2nd Gen), 23% was Summit Ridge (Ryzen 1st Gen), 18% was Raven Ridge (Ryzen APUs), and 2% was for the Ryzen. In terms of market share for units sold, AMD held a very dominant 83%, although that was actually slightly down on the 85% market share witnessed in the previous month. However, AMD pushed forward when it came to revenue, grabbing 86% of the cash being splashed on processors at Mindfactory, up a percentage point on November Since August 2017, AMD has been dominating the sales figures at Mindfactory, and as recent as November, it had a market share of 58%, clearly ahead of Intel with 42%. To counter the threat from Ryzen, Intel released the Coffee Lake desktop CPUs in late September, but availability has been somewhat limited, causing prices to inflate

AMD Decimates Intel With 82% Share At Germany's Largest

  1. In percentile terms, Mindfactory.de's reports of AMD at 85 percent and 83 percent revenue aren't particularly higher than what we've seen in previous months — AMD seized 91 percent of.
  2. e the price. With kind regards Your Mindfactory Tea
  3. Thought I could bring back the weekly sales charts I did like a year ago...Be aware: This is just 1 data point. While its certainly not the worst to get a fe..
  4. Ryzen 7 2700X all Tests: https://bit.ly/2OuPFhuGeForce RTX 2080 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2EnBk1KRyzen 5 2400G all Tests: http://bit.ly/2EoKgDKRyzen 3 2200G.
  5. Ever since the Ryzen processors hit retail, AMD has been steadily chipping away at Intel's market share, so much so that in some countries the Zen-based processors sell way more than their Coffee Lake counterparts. A prime example is Germany, where one of the largest CPU retailers, Mindfactory has been keeping a track of the chips sold since 2011. According to these estimates, Intel has.
  6. AMD has reached a new record for market share on German retailer Mindfactory; the new record of 81% market share topped the previous record set in July when Ryzen 3000 launched. AMD's sales had.
  7. AMD and Intel CPU sales and revenue share (Mindfactory/Ingebor) AMD managed to take a whopping 79 percent of the CPU market compared to Intel's 21 percent, along with a 75 percent revenue share

The December 2020 sales figures show Mindfactory shipping 40,000 units of AMD's processors, accounting for 83% of the retailer's CPU unit sales. Image source: Getty Images. AMD's unit share was. Read about their experiences and share your own! Do you agree with Mindfactory AG's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 15661 customers have already said. Categories Blog My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Mindfactory AG Reviews 15,661 • Average . 2.9. www.mindfa ctory.de. Visit this website www.mindfa ctory. AMD reaches 37.5% market share: its highest in 14 years. OCC_FrTeam September 28, 2020 News. PassMark has just published a new report that reveals AMD's market share worldwide. The result only confirms a trend that we have been noting for many months now: on the desktop AMD is doing well in all countries. The Passmark study allows us to remember that to find such figures, we have to go back.

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Germany's largest retailers, Mindfactory, has reported that AMD is experiencing sky-high sales and gains in market share at Chipzilla's expense. AMD processors outsold equivalent models from Intel for three consecutive months this year. The data suggests that AMD's Ryzen 5 2600 as being by far the best-selling desktop CPU with the second being AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X. The Ryzen 5 2600 is AMD's. AMD's Retail Market Share Surges Based on European Reseller Data January 8, 2021 daiwik This web site might receive affiliate commissions from the hyperlinks on this web site AMD's Ryzen 5 2600 outsells everyoneGermany's largest retailers, Mindfactory, has reported that AMD is experiencing sky-high sales and gains in market share at Chipzilla's expense. AMD process.. Although semiconductor company AMD held onto 35%+ market share in every quarter from 2010 to 2014, it really dropped the ball when its market share fell to 22.50% in the first quarter of 2015. The company had a jump from 22.80% in Q1 FY 2016 to 29.90% in Q2. It marginally crossed the 30% mark in the second quarter of 2017 Share of Intel and AMD x86 computer CPUs worldwide 2012-2021, by quarter. In the first quarter of 2020, 60.6 percent of x86 computer processor or CPU tests recorded were from Intel processors, a.

Leaked figures from Mindfactory for week eight of 2020, which were shared on Twitter, indicate that AMD has a colossal market share of 86.11%, leaving Intel struggling along on just 13.89% This means that AMD has achieved a market share of 84% while the remaining 16% have been Intel processors. preview Products Price; AMD Ryzen 7 3700X : 278,08 EUR: Buy it at Amazon: Mindfactory indicates that AMD Ryzen processors go up in price. Again the best-selling processor has been the Ryzen 5 3600 with more than 5.000 units sold in November. It should be noted that some 2.000 fewer units. This data reveals that, last week, the competitive comparison between Intel and AMD in terms of revenue generation and unit sales was as below: AMD. Intel. Unit sales. 5,270 units, 87.25 per cent. AMD loses some market share to Intel in processors. During week 24, according to the MindFactory report, they have sold 2.050 Ryzen 5 3600 processors. The processor that comes closest to it is the Ryzen 7 3700X, which has 1.060 units sold, almost half that of the best seller. To find the best-selling Intel processor we have to go down to the beast on the list, finding the Core i7-9700K with. Recently, hardware enthusiast Ingebor updated the market share data coming from German retailer Mindfactory, which he had not updated since November when Intel's 9th-gen processors launched

Now the proportion in the structure of video card sales by the MindFactory store looks like this: 41.8% for AMD and 58.2% for NVIDIA. In a sequential comparison, the average selling price of video cards in this store in the second quarter increased by 4.7%. for which we should thank the steady demand for more expensive models of NVIDIA graphics. At Mindfactory.de, a major German components retailer, AMD processors have outsold Intel by a factor of two, achieving 69% of CPU sales while Intel snagged 31% market share. Amongst AMD's greatest successes is the Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X, all of which are perceived as offering great value by consumers

Due to the shortage of 14nm products from Intel and the resulting high prices, Ryzen sales are rising rapidly, as the Mindfactory sales figures show. Intel's production problems grow AMD's sales . The continuing shortages in Intel's 14nm production are still a problem for the company. The world's largest chip manufacturer is currently experiencing massive problems with the production. Mindfactory's sales figures are reported every month by Redditor Ingebor, and for December 2020, AMD managed to creep up towards the 40,000 units mark, taking a healthy step on from the 35,000. Mindfactory's numbers feature a mixture of January and February processor sales. The pie chart below shows CPU market share figures for January, and reveal that AMD garnered a whopping 85 percent. Published: 1st March 2021 | Source: Mindfactory | Author: Mark Campbell. Intel loses control of Rocket Lake's launch as Mindfactory sells 120 i7-11700K CPUs. The German retailer Mindfactory had sold over 100 pre-launch i7-11700K Rocket Lake processors, selling each of them for €469 before Intel officially launched the CPU. Like Nvidia and their RTX 3060 graphics card, Intel has been unable.

DDR5 predicted to hold more market share than DDR4 by 2023 31 comments Malware-packed pirated games infected millions of PCs, stealing data and hijacking webcams to photograph user According to market share, last month NVIDIA Maintains Leading 57.65% of GPUs sold, while AMD has a market share of 42.35% the rest. Comparing these figures to those published in the first quarter of the year (from January to March), when AMD had a 41.7% share, this means that the company continues to pick up points and continue to sell more, even though it has dropped 11% in Europe due of. German Retailer Mindfactory.de Shows AMD Outselling Intel 2 to 1 in November. AMD seems to be picking up steam over Intel's previous sky-high dominance of the desktop CPU market (Intel still dominates aplenty, really; but AMD has been clawing back market percentage monthly). The latest figures from the German retailer show shoppers taking. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more A report from Jon Peddie Research claims that in Q2 of 2019 that AMD took a big bit into Nvidia's market share of the graphics card market. At the same time German online hardware retailer, Mindfactory, has published their CPU sales figures and the AMD chips are selling like hot cakes compared to the more staid sales for Intel chips

Intel Core i9 10850K 10x 3.60GHz So.1200 WOF. * inkl. 19% USt zzgl. Versandkosten / Lieferbeschränkungen. Intel® Optane™ Speicher ist eine revolutionäre neue Klasse von nichtflüchtigem Speicher, der zwischen dem Systemspeicher und dem Datenspeicher angesiedelt ist, um die Leistung und Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit des Systems zu beschleunigen This can also be seen in Mindfactory's latest sales figures. In one area AMD is far superior to its archrival. AMD Stock - What a run! AMD shares have been among the best on the Nasdaq 100 in recent months, will this continue for a long time or is there a threat of a break in the rally? AMD shares successfully tested support at $1.63 in the summer of 2015. After that, a large demonstration. The latest CPU sales data from Mindfactory has been shared online, and the information from the German tech retailer gives an interesting idea of how the processor market is generally performing. Kaufen und verkaufen Sie Elektronikartikel, Autos, Kleidung, Mode, Sammlerstücke, Sportartikel, Digitalkameras, Babyartikel, Gutscheine und vieles mehr bei eBay, dem.

Intel Continues to Make Minor Gains in Market Share in

Mindfactory's stats for August (for the unit sales of desktop CPUs) show that AMD now holds an 84% share (the statistics were highlighted by Ingebor on Reddit, who usually provides these figures).. There's a whole world of PC components out there; These are the best gaming laptops; Check out the best rival Intel processors; So let's be in no doubt that AMD is still winning by a mile (or. Moving onto notebooks, AMD is seeing record market share, with a reported share of 19.9%, a 5.8 point gain yearly. When it comes to servers, AMD CEO Lisa Su recently said the company finally. Mindfactory 289,00 € Amazon.de 291,65 € Notebooksbilliger.de 299,00 € Computer-King EU 307,77 € Jacob Elektronik direkt 307,98 € 65 Angebote im WinFuture Preisvergleich Weitere AMD CPUs.

AMD dominates Intel with 82% market share with major

Based on Mindfactory's sales data, graphics cards sales statistics compiled by 3DCenter.org indicate that AMD's Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card gave the NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super a run for its money. New data for CPU sales from Mindfactory has been shared online, and it is yet another glorious week for AMD. Although this is often the case in regard to the retail sales information from this. Mindfactory data compiled by Ingebor and reported by ExtremeTech reveals that the average sales price (ASP) of AMD's top four CPUs in December came in at 318.20 euros (around $386.45 at the. AMD's PR agency just shared with me Q4 Mercury Research unit market share numbers for AMD excluding consoles and IoT. So I thought I'd share with you. Keep in mind these are unit share, not dollar.

15,558 people have already reviewed Mindfactory AG. Read about their experiences and share your own! | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 15,55 AMD's Ryzen 5 2600 6-core CPU is the best-selling desktop CPU at this retailer since August 2018. Mindfactory/ingebor. However, a small price cut and more expensive offerings from Intel with its. Mindfactory reported that AMD's market share increase was fueled primarily by the Ryzen R7 3700X and R5 3600X processors. Outside Competition Has Come and Gone . The reader could get the. Of Mindfactory's September CPU sales, 81% were AMD CPUs. Imgur noted that the sales boost came as the Ryzen 9 3900X was restocked. Although the Mindfactory data doesn't show overall CPU demand.

Intel's desktop marketshare in Mindfactory

Mindfactory Graphics Cards Sales Report January 2020: AMD

AMD scores 81% market share at mindfactory

AMD sales hit 80% for mindfactory

Mindfactory: Average sales price of AMD CPUs up 26% in November. December 5, 2020 . The German retailer Mindfactory has published an overview of the number of processors sold during the month of November. AMD again represents the largest share, 84% of the CPUs sold come from the red camp. At the same time, this provides 84% of the total CPU turnover in euros. The average price of each CPU sold. Its desktop CPU market share briefly overtook Intel in the PassMark CPU usage data chart. While this is a significant event to see, its scope is rather narrow. PassMark measures the percentage of.

AMD and Intel CPU Sales Data at Mindfactory Business Quan

Report: AMD Stealing Significant Market Share, Revenue

Mindfactory statistics as a whole confirm these data. Ryzen 5 3600 had the first place in sales in April. 3780 of these CPUs were sold during the month. The second and third most popular are Ryzen 7 5800X and Ryzen 5 5600X. 2560 and 1900 of them were sold, respectively When the new hardware launched in July, AMD's sales volume doubled and their revenue tripled, going from 68% to 79% volume market share and 52% to 75% revenue share - this is for a single.

Share; Tweet; We often publish statistics on sales of processors and video cards by the largest German store Mindfactory, as it is sufficiently representative and well reflects both the state of the market as a whole and the tastes of buyers. But such processor statistics have not yet been available: last December the company sold about 40,000 processors, 35,000 of which were AMD products. Few. Viva Computers. 3.8K likes · 117 talking about this · 10 were here. Viva Computers now in Molapo Crossing - Cell: 75672222 / 76519007 e-mail: vivasalesbw@gmail.co AMD Renoir Mobile Tuner Boosts Gaming Performance by 20% w/ just a Few Clicks. The Zen 2 tuner from Russian enthusiast 1usmus is now available on the Renoir platform. As per benchmarks from TechEpiphany, it boosts gaming performance by more than 20% across different titles such as GTA V, Counter Strike Go, and Resident Evil 3. Finally Pricewise, Intel came out in top, with the analyst noting, Desktop Intel core i9 is priced at ~$488-$979, decent price/performance versus new AMD 7nm (36core/64Threads) high-end Desktop 3970X.

Published by Thomas Alsop , Jun 4, 2021. As of the first quarter of 2021, Intel was the biggest vendor in the PC GPU market worldwide, occupying 68 percent of the market. AMD, who has shipped over. AMD. +3.30%. AMZN. +2.16%. Sales of AMD's new Ryzen processor for consumer PCs may be gaining more ground than many investors and market analysts have been predicting. A big hardware reseller in.

Market Share. Based on 43,649,593 GPUs tested. See market share leaders. Market Share Market Share (trailing 30 days) 1.17 % Hugely higher market share. +550%: 0.18 % Value Value For Money: 55.4 % 63.6 % Better value. +15%: User Rating UBM User Rating: 66 % 78 % More popular. +18%: Price Price (score) $450: $330: Cheaper. +27%: Nice To Haves +8% Age Newest: 31 Months: 23 Months: More recent. GeForce ® GTX 1080 GPU mit 16 nm Technologie. Military Class Komponenten für 100% Stabilität. Twin Frozr VI mit 10 cm Torx2-Lüfter und Zero Frozr-Technologie. MSI Gaming App mit intuitivem Quick-Setting. 1708 MHz / 1847 MHz Kern-/Boost-Takt (OC Mode CPU Sales Report April 2021, based on numbers by german retailer Mindfactory Units AMD 79% - Intel 21% Revenue AMD 83% - Intel 17% ASP AMD €350 - Intel €268 DIY is (as always) a different story, with minimal effect on the global CPU market share › Category Mindfactory.de Category: Mindfactory.de. Recent Post . a amd C Coffee Lake C Comet Lake C Computing C CPU sales c cpus d diy i intel M Mindfactory.de r retail channel R Rocket Lake Z Zen 2 Z Zen 3. AMD's Retail Market Share Surges Based on European Reseller Data. shiv 0 January 8, 2021. This web-site may perhaps gain affiliate commissions from the back links on this webpage.

Zen ist eine Prozessor-Mikroarchitektur (x86-64) des Unternehmens AMD.Die Markteinführung der ersten Zen-basierten Prozessoren unter dem Markennamen Ryzen ['raɪzən:] (Codename Summit Ridge) war am 2.März 2017. Im Juni 2017 folgte die Server-Baureihe Epyc als Multi-Chip-Modul aus 4 Zen/Zeppelin-Einzelchips mit je acht Kernen (Codename Naples) und im Oktober 2017 die Prozessoren. Market Share. Based on 43,655,718 GPUs tested. See market share leaders. Market Share Market Share (trailing 30 days) 1.97 % Insanely higher market share. +1,059%: 0.17 % Value Value For Money: 68.5 % Better value. +26%: 54.6 % User Rating UBM User Rating: 92 % Much more popular. +64%: 56 % Price Price (score) $700 : $580: Cheaper. +17%: Nice To Haves +24% Age Newest: 9 Months: 6 Months: Much. During its last earnings report, AMD confirmed that it has had 10 successive quarters of growth, and that its global market share in the premium CPU segment has already exceeded 50% AMD claimed 83% of CPU sales at German retailer Mindfactory, with Intel's Comet Lake processors failing to make an impac Einen neuen Gaming PC kaufen Sie bei MediaMarkt günstig - egal ob Acer, Asus, Lenovo uvm. Jetzt bei MediaMarkt Gaming Computer entdecken

Mindfactory Grafikkarten Retail-Verkaufsreport Q2/2020

  1. g Discussion. Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. L. Later Alligator Member. Jun 28, 2012 1,955 419 750. Aug 4, 2019 #51 thelastword said: You.
  2. By Market Share Media. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Express Smog Test Only on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account . See more of Express Smog Test Only on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. The Best Sellers #Wattpad.
  3. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11G graphics card equips 11GB GDDR5X, with Smooth Heat Pipes to maximize heat transfer from the copper base plate, Zero Frozr stops the fan in low-load situations, Airflow Control Technology deflectors thrusts air onto heat p
  4. g OC setzt auf ein dunkles Design mit einem sehr kurzen PCB und einem 100 mm-Axiallüfter. Der Boosttakt liegt bei 1.815 MHz. Die Grafikkarte teilt sich derzeit mit einigen anderen Modellen.
  5. Market Share. Based on 43,829,033 CPUs tested. See market share leaders. Market Share Market Share (trailing 30 days) 0.93 % 2.83 % Hugely higher market share. +204%: Value Value For Money: 79.4 % 83.9 % Slightly better value. +6%: User Rating UBM User Rating: 81 % 89 % Slightly more popular. +10%: Price Price (score) $379 : $309: Cheaper. +18%: Nice To Haves +58% Age Newest: 53 Months: 23.
  6. CPU-Benchmark: Aktuelle Prozessoren im Test. Mit Bestenliste, Testdaten, Testberichten, inkl. Produktempfehlungen, Preisvergleic
  7. Ihr MediaMarkt Bonn. Bei uns im MediaMarkt Bonn erleben Sie, was ein modernes Einkaufserlebnis bedeutet. Sie suchen sich Ihre Produkte bequem von zu Hause im Onlineshop aus und holen die Ware direkt im Markt ab

Market Share. Based on 43,818,938 CPUs tested. See market share leaders. Market Share Market Share (trailing 30 days) 1.23 % Much higher market share. +40%: 0.88 % Value Value For Money: 89.7 % Better value. +12%: 80.4 % User Rating UBM User Rating: 82 % Slightly more popular. +6%: 77 % Price Price (score) $375: $310 : Cheaper. +17%: Nice To Haves +57% Age Newest: 31 Months: Much more recent.

Advanced Micro Devices: The Trend Continues (NASDAQ:AMD

  1. Mindfactory Grafikkarten-Verkaufsreport Januar 2020
  2. AMD Gains CPU Market Share Momentum Versus Intel in
  3. AMD CPU sales get even stronger as Ryzen 5000 stock issues
  4. Ryzen vs Coffee Lake: AMD loses market share at
  5. AMD's Retail Market Share Surges Based on European
Huge AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 5 5600X sales combineAMD Gains CPU Market Share Momentum Versus Intel inIntel VsAMD Sales Are Booming, but High-End Ryzen 3000 CPUs StillAMD Ryzen CPU Sales Decimates Intel Core 10th Gen Lineup
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