GND - 0 V, 0-Potenzial, Masse, Abkürzung für engl. Ground. Gegen dieses Potenzial wird die Spannung oder Potenzialdifferenz gemessen. Das Spannungspotenzial positiver Spannungen ist höher als GND, negative Spannungen haben ein Spannungspotenzial das unterhalb von GND liegt. Umgangssprachlich wird GND oft fälschlicherweise als negative Versorgungsspannung bezeichnet. Ein. Wie oben steht habe ich digital RGB LEDs also adressierbare wenn ich so sagen kann und wollte wissen ob ich die 4 pin zu 3 pin machen kann da ich diese ans Mainboard anschließen wollte die pin Reihenfolge ist vcc gnd gnd do/di und auf dem Mainboard ist vcc/5v+ d freier pin gnd könnte ich die 2 Masse Leitungen von den Leds zusammen löten oder würde es da Probleme geben habe im Internet auf. Allow me to answer your question using my poor knowledge : VCC: VCC stands for voltage at the common collector. The letter V on a circuit stands for the supply voltage. The letters CC indicate that the supply voltage is positive or negative... GND DATA + DATA - VCC + Muss ich die überhaupt anschließen? sind die lebenswichtig? Hab mal probehalber gestartet, schien alles korrekt zu laufen, aber ich dachte mir, ich frag trotzdem nochmal nach. mfg HardStyler. Stammnutzer #2 12. Juli 2007. Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 15. April 2017 . AW: GND / DATA + / - / VCC+ Connector aufm Mainboard? Also das hier is deine Grafikkarte. gnd 3 gnd 5 vcc 4 vcc 6 agnd 21 aref 20 avcc 18 pb4(miso) 16 pb3(mosi/oc2) 15 pb2(ss/oc1b) 14 pb1(oc1a) 13 pb0(icp) 12 pd7(ain1) 11 pd6(ain0) 10 pd5(t1) 9 pd4(xck/t0) 2 pd3(int1) 1 pd2(int0) 32 pd1(txd) 31 pd0(rxd) 30 adc7 22 adc6 19 pc5(adc5/scl) 28 pc4(adc4/sda) 27 pc3(adc3) 26 pc2(adc2) 25 pc1(adc1) 24 pc0(adc0) 23 pc6(/reset) 29 2 1 vin 4 stat 1 vbat 3 prog 5 vss 2 3 1 4 2 vcc vo d+ d-vbus.

GND: GND: schwarz: 2 3: grün + Data: VCC (+ 5 V) rot: 1 4: weiss - Data: Mainboard (Shuttle/HOT553): Anschluss Adernfarbe Funktion; 1: rot: VCC (+ 5V ) 2: weiss - Data: 3: grün + Data: 4: schwarz: GND: Kabellängen von USB 1.1 und 2.0. Die maximale Kabellänge darf 5 m nicht überschreiten. Wenn der Adernquerschnitt nicht mindestens 0,56 mm 2 beträgt, benötigt man eine Verlängerung, in. 5pin VCC, D+, D-, GND, GND vom Gehäusefront des Aerocool QS-200. Ersteller des Themas Dukeks; Erstellungsdatum 31. Dezember 2011; Dukeks Ensign. Dabei seit Okt. 2011 Beiträge 153. 31. Dezember.

VCC (Voltage Common Collector) is the higher voltage with respect to GND (ground). VCC is the power input of a device. It may be positive or negative with respect to GND. When the only positive power supply is used then VSS (Voltage Source Supply) means ground or zero. The Intel 8085 Microprocessor needs a power supply of +5 V DC for its working. Pin 40 of Intel 8085 is the V cc pin. It should. Vcc D + D - GND SHLD 6 MHz 13 12 XTALOUT XTALIN (Optional) 6 5 P1.2 P1.0 Buttons L M V 19 16 GND REFB 14 P0.3 7 NPD 4 P0.7* 3 SCLK 21 P0.6 2 MISO 22 9 GUARD NC NC 11 18 20 P1.1 R 20KΩ 1 NCS LP2950ACZ-3.3 REFC 13 2.2 uF 187Ω 1/8 W Vcc Vo 3.3V 12 OPTP 20 10 KΩ 10 KΩ Vcc Vcc QA QB ALPS EC10E Scroll Wheel Encoder 1 2 3 20kΩ 20kΩ 0.1uF 4.7uF 0.1uF Vin Vo GND 2 4.7uF + 0.1uF 3 1 BS170.

Connect second supply (3V to 5.5V) across VCC_D and GND_D. 5. Connect second I2C bus to SDA_D and SCL_D. 6. Set ENABLE_D Jumper to EN. PERFORMANCE SUMMARY Table 1. DC1079A Typical Setup and Performance Summary (TA = 25°C) PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS Supply and Bus Voltage VCC_A to GND_A, VCC_B to GND_B, VCC_C to GND_C, VCC_D to GND_D 3 5.5 V Isolation GND_A to GND_B, 100V Capacitor. Vcc D-Gnd D+ pantone-black c Version Revise content Check . Title: SE-116C1-M_GF_ Author: JASON Created Date: 1/8/2014 10:22:16 AM. 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 A A B B C C D D E E F F J1 DSUB25M Parallel Port (Male) U1 DIP28 ATmega8/44/88/168 2 19 3 16 4 17 5 20 1 18 7 14 8 11 9 12 10 6 13 21. 2 1 4 3 6 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 d-d+ gnd vbus vcc 1 (pcint3/t0/adc3)pa3 10 (pcint2/ain1/adc2)pa2 11 (pcint1/ain0/adc1)pa1 12 (pcint0/aref/adc0)pa0 13 (pcint4/t1/scl/usck.

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  1. GND GND VCC D D DE R R RE RE VL SLR RT 120 Ω120 1.8 V 3.3 V VCC 3.3 V SLRVL 1.8 V Figure 3. Example of implementation in a PCB Adding an ESDA14V2BP6 or ETP01-2821 STMicroelectronics protection device can help the product to sustain an EFT perturbation level up to 4 kV. STR485 Pin connections DS12713 - Rev 5 page 3/26 . 2 Truth tables The STR485 is a half-duplex differential driver/receiver.
  2. VCC D R5 CS + C3 U1 C4 CPC 3 5,6 4 2 1 Np Ns Nfb D5 C5 R4 Vo+ Vo-GND 7 + C7 C8 R9 + R3 R13 R7 C6 R8 D7,D8 L2 CY1 9 R12 R1 R2 For AP3983E (12V/1.5A) Item Function QTY Item Function QTY C1, C2 15µ F/400V, electrolytic 2 U1 AP3983E, PDIP-7 1 C3 4.7µ F/50V, electrolytic 1 R1, R2 2M , 1206 2 C4 10nF, ceramic, 0805 1 R3 200 , 1206 1 C5 1nF/250V, ceramic 1 R4 150k , 1206 1 C6 1nF/100V, 0805 1 R5.
  3. La logique de contrôle déplace les interrupteurs entre GND et Vcc. This requires cutting the four main PS/2 wires (VCC, GND, CLK, DATA) or USB wires (VCC, GND, D+, D-) and connecting them to the KeyGrabber Module from both sides
  4. 5 4 3 2 1 reset circuit vcc d d d10 skt1 skt3 4148 mrst 1 40 rb7_ic ra2 1 18 ra1 r17 ra0 mcrl rb7 rb6_ic ra3 ra2 ra1 ra0 2 ra0 rb6 39 2 ra3 ra0 17 10k ra1 3 38 rb5 ra4 3 16 osc1 Download pdf × Clos
  5. vcc gnd 2 4 5 3 ic2 vcc gnd 1 4 3 6 5 2 ic4 gnd vcc led1 l e d 3 l e d 4 r 1 5 r 1 6 r10 led5 d2 c44 r 4 7 l8 r75 t3 r76 t9 2 4 5 3 ic3 vcc gnd 2 4 5 3 ic6 vcc gnd con2 c4 r 5 4 r55 r 5 r28 r 3 7 r 3 8 c 4 5 t5 r4 t7 r7 r 8 r 1 1 c 7 c 4 6 c 4 8 c 4 9 c 5 0 r13 r32 r33 r36 r35 x3 r14 r 5 3 r46 r 5 7 t1 c 5 r 5 8 c24 t2 r 6 c 8 r 5 9 r 6 0 ant1 adapter1 gnd dai_rx dai_tx dai_fs dai_sclk +3v3.

d d c b a analog devices date: sheet of 6 5 4 3 2 1 6 5 4 3 2 1 rev: 7910 triad center dr. greensboro, nc 27409 drs-hsc 0.0 vcc gnd out oe oe' gnd' vcc' out' ain c1 c2 d0 d1 d13 d12 d11 d10 d2 d3 dry d9 d8 d7 d6 d5 d4 enc vref ain enc gnd gnd gnd dvcc avcc avcc gnd gnd avcc dvcc gnd avcc gnd avcc gnd avcc gnd gnd avcc gnd gnd avcc dvcc gnd gnd. GND GND VCC D D DE R R RE RE VL SLR RT 120 Ω120 1.8 V 3.3 V VCC 3.3 V SLRVL 1.8 V Figure 3. Example of implementation in a PCB Adding an ESDA14V2BP6 or ETP01-2821 ST Microelectronics protection device can help the product to sustain an EFT perturbation level up to 4 kV. STR485E Pin connections DS13051 - Rev 3 page 3/26 . 2 Truth tables The STR485E is a half-duplex differential driver/receiver. GND VCC D-D-R6 4K7 R7 10K Bottom view Bottom view VCC VCC GND GND D+ D+ D-D-VCC-5V VCC-5V C14 100nF VCC-BRD C2 VCC-BRD C15 100nF C16 100nF VCC-5V E5 10uF VCC-5V E7 10uF UNI-DS6 Development system Electrical schematic. MikroElektronika DEVELOPMENT TOOLS COMPILERS BOOKSII SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE SOLUTIONS FOR EMBEDDED WORLD Jumpers All pins are free Pins 1 and 2 are connected 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3. D-D-VCC-EXT GND-EXT GND-EXT V C C-A VCC-A +-V D D G N D Shutdown Bypass +-8 5 2 1 6 7 4 3 +-+-+-+-+-+-LP38692 LP38692 LP38692 Red Grn Blue G N D D + D-V B U S ADuM4160 USB Digital Isolator In EN byp out g n d In EN byp out g n d In EN byp out g n d Headphone Smartphone Channel 1 Input Gain@11x Channel 2 Input Gain@11x Gain@150x Filter HPF@48Hz->60Hz Gain@150x Filter HPF@48Hz->60Hz Filter LPF. D DIN DOUT+ DOUT-DriverENABLED Generator RL CL CL 50Ω Figure 5. Driver Propagation Delay and Transition Time Test Circuit Figure 6. Driver Propagation Delay and Transition Time Waveforms D Vcc GND S1 DIN VOS DOUT+ DOUT-VOD RL/2 DriverENABLED DIN DOUT-DOUT+ VDIFF 1.5V tPLHD 0V(Differential) 80% 0V 20% tTLH 80% 20% tTHL 0V 1.5V tPHLD.

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gnd vcc d_minus d_plus u_usb usb.schdoc 3 v 3 g n d stdi stms stck stdo ferr eop d[0..7] ndlatch nstrcv nrst inhtxd rxd gclk ngrst s d c k b a u_xmaple xmaple.schdoc led_wr led_rd sdckb sdcka swclk swdio led_mrcv led_mtrm d_minus d_plus gpio[0..15] 3v3 gnd vcc u_ports ports.schdoc sdcka sdckb led_rd led_wr led_mrcv led_mtrm gpio[0..15] swclk swdio usbdm usbdp usbcon vcc gnd 3v3 vcc gnd 3v3 d. VCC of a bipolar junction transistor is the DC voltage that is supplied to the collector of the transistor.. VCC is a very important voltage when biasing the transistor because it determines how much the AC signal can be amplified to in the transistor. If VCC is too low, the transistor will not have enough power and the amplified AC signal will come out clipped

gnd vin vcc out agnd dgnd plug header g s d d g s 2 6 tp14 tp15 tp6 tp7 tp8 ds4 pwm_al gpo10 gpo6 gpi4 m_fault 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 d10 a3 c a c a c a c a pgnd ref gnd vin vcc out ref gnd vin vcc out ref gnd vin vcc out pgnd agnd dgnd dgnd plug header plug header plug header plug header plug header plug header g s d agnd g s d agnd d g s agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd agnd 3 v. schematic. Nowadays it is always used Vdd and Vss to refer to the positive and negative voltage respectively. Vdd is normally was used to be 5V but nowadays is 3.3V or even lower 1.8V or 1.2V.Vss is referred to be zero volts.. But I was taught, in the high school and during my first years of electronics, that Vcc is the positive voltage (usually 5 volts) but when we get to some circuits we. d c d c drawn by of gnd gnd +auxv pme# m66en ad[21] gnd key-12v key +iov +12v trst# tms tdi +5v inta# intc# +5v reserved reserved rst# +iov gnt# gnd ad[30] +3.3v ad[28] ad[26] gnd ad[24] idsel +3.3v ad[22] ad[20] gnd ad[18] ad[16] +3.3v frame# gnd trdy# gnd stop# +3.3v gnd par ad[15] +3.3v ad[13] ad[11] gnd ad[09] c/be#[0] +3.3v ad[06] ad[04] gnd ad[02] ad[00] +iov req64# +5v +5v tck gnd tdo.

GND VCC D 8 D 9 D 1 0 D 1 1 D 1 2 A R D U I N O U N O A 0 KNTRST R13 10K GND VCC D 5 ATMEGA328 R1 100 Q1 BC337 VCC D 4 BUZ1 BUZZER GND Vcc GND TRIG ECHO Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 D8 1N4148 D5 D6 EXPERIMENT 3 DISTANCE MEASUREMENT USING ULTRASONIC SENSOR Car Park Detector Application Purpose: To measure distance using ultrasonic sensor, determine the measurement errors, resolution and. a/d usb2 gnd vcc top view 28mm 45mm vortex86ex som-128-ex gp05 gp06 gp07 p0 gp10 gp11 gp12 gp13 gp14 gp15 gp16 gp17 p1 gp20 gp21 gp22 gp23 gp24 gp25 gp26 gp27 gp30 gp31 gp32 gp33 gp34 gp35 gp36 gp37 gp40 gp41 gp42 gp43 gp44 gp45 gp46 gp47 gp60 gp61 gp62 gp63 gp64 gp65 gp66 gp67 gp00 gpio function pin gp50 gp51 gp52 gp53 gp54 gp55 gp56 gp57 gp70 gp71 gp72 gp73 gp74 gp75 gp76 gp77 gp80 gp81 gp82. Seit 2016 führt Formel D im VCC zahlreiche Projekte in der Produktentwicklung, der Produktion und im Aftersales von Fahrzeugen und Fahrzeugkomponenten erfolgreich für ihre Kunden durch. Das Leistungsspektrum in unserem VCC umfasst technische und wertschöpfende Leistungen sowie Logistik mit höchsten Qualitätsstandards. Die hohe Flächenkapazität des VCC ermöglicht einen optimalen Service. GND CS VCC CVCC D HV current source HV MOS EM 8569 400 nS LEB. 2013/02/04 Rev.A.6 11 EM8569 time VCC COMP Vcs Burst Deep Burst 0.3V 1.3V 1.4V 1.5V Fig. 17 Protection The EM8569 provides many protection functions that intend to protect system from being damaged. All the protection functions are listed as below:. gnd gnd gnd ps_1.3v-a ps_1.3v-d 0 r174 tx_vcc_drv 0 r175 tx_vcc_mix 0 r176 tx_vcc_if 0 r177 tx_vcc_div 0 r178 tx_vdd_pll 0 r179 tx_vdd_syn 0 r180 tx_vcc_vco 0 r181 tx_vcc_trip 0 r182 tx_vddd 0 r183 tx_vcc_rfvga 0 r184 tx_vdd_pa depop depop ground bus 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44.

gnd vcc pc0 pc1 pc2 pc3 pc4 pc5 gnd vcc scl sda gnd sck miso mosi ss_l gnd adc1 adc2 adc3 ref gnd adc0 vcc gnd gnd ac-ac+ vcc d-d+ usb_d-usb_d+ usb_d+ usb_d-i2c_scl i2c_sda spi_mosi spi_ss spi_sck spi_miso ic_in pwm dsr dtr acin0 (+) acin1 (-) ddsout clkout adc_0 adc_1 adc_2 adc_3 adc_ref acin1 (-) ic_in ddsout adc_0 adc_1 adc_2 adc_3 i2c_scl i2c_sda spi_sck spi_ss spi_mosi spi_miso adc_ref. VCC steht für: . Viadrina Compliance Center, Forschungseinrichtung; Volvo Car Corporation, schwedischer Automobilhersteller; Voltage at the common collector (richtig V CC, aber auch Vcc geschrieben, wenn Tiefstellen nicht möglich ist), bezeichnet den Pin für positive Versorgungsspannung in einem integrierten Schaltkreis, (siehe Spannungsbezeichnung

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vcc 1 d-2 d+ 3 gnd 4 hand2 g2 + ec5 120uf + ec1 10uf c10 0.1uf r27 1k c26 0.1uf r18 100k + ec3 120uf fb lb7 fb lb1 r17 10k r24 10k d1 bzx84c5v6/sot c28 0.1uf j5 i2c_eeprom_pwr 1 1 2 2 led8 yellow a c sw1 dpdt 2 1 3 5 4 6 r26 4.7k r23 100k u4 aic1526-0 flgb 3 flga 2 ctla 1 ctlb 4 outa 8 outb gnd 5 in 6 7 c5 1uf j15 usb type a part_number = 73725-0110blf manufacturer = fci usbvdd 1 d+ 3 d-2. GND VCC D GND RL1 Res1 R_wire Res1 VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D VCC D PW R PW R PW R PW R PW R PW R PG1 PG0 VCC D 1 2 P_wi re PS2_H2 w ire w ire CO PI101 CO1 PI102 PI201 PI202 CO2 PI301 PI302 CO3 PIC101 PIC102 COC1 PIC201 PIC202 COC2 PIC301 PIC302 COC3 PIC501 PIC502 COC5 PIC602 PIC601 COC6 PIC801 PIC802 COC8 PIH101 PIH102 PIH103 COH1 PIH201 PIH202 PIH203 COH2. vcc_brd 100nf 25v c7 gnd_brd vcc_brd r gnd_brd vcc_brd vcc_brd gnd_brd 50 r22 gnd_brd vcc_brd d gnd_brd 50 r6 0.1µf 6.3v c3 1.0k r1 vcc_brd gnd_brd power status leds 1.0k r3 gnd_brd r red d3 blue d1 green d2 1.0k r2 gnd_brd d gnd_brd gnd_brd gnd_brd gnd_brd gnd_brd tp3 tp4 120 r12 lp_3v3 lp_3v3 vcc_brd j3 3 2 1 j13 50v 10uf c10 25v 47uf c6 0. D_not D D D GND D VCC D. c. Part c As was pointed out, we can't use a single gate if we use A and as the select inputs. So instead we will use C and D as the select inputs and come up with functions in terms of A and B. This gives the following truth table and corresponding circuit: C D A B F 00 0 0 1 A' XOR 0 1 0 1 0 0.

vcc osc stb y a scl vcc d gnd d port2 port1 al2 al1 vcc rf iref fil si mpx fil m px ref t fil t det1 t det2 reg ext in plt out gnd a lpf fc = 15 khz if = 325k bpf rin lin rout lout vcca mpx out test in rf in2 cp test out gnd osc vt osc osc 150m!217m nc rfagc tx out gnd rf v cc r tx rf in1 mpx fm det i/o logic fo cont tx modulator pll agc 1 2 3. gnd gnd vcc vcc 1uf attiny44a-20mur sjfab mf-msmf050-2 500ma cg0603mlc-05e cg0603mlc-05e gnd vcc vcc 22r 0.1uf 22r 22r 22r 1k 1k 1k 10k 12mhz kx-7 22pf 22pf gnd gnd 3x2f 0.1uf 3,6v_375mw 3,6v_375mw 10k mh2029-300y 22uf mcr-b-s-ra-smt-cs1tr c2 sjvcc 1 2 (pcint0/aref/adc0)pa0 5 (pcint1/ain0/adc1)pa1 4 (pcint2/ain1/adc2)pa2 3 (pcint3/t0/adc3)pa3 2.

GND CS VCC D 4 FB 5 L N EMI FILTER 3 1 D + + + Figure 3. Typical Application (Detecting AC Input Voltage) VIN NCP1118x 2 7 V out 6 GND CS VCC D 4 FB 5 L N EMI FILTER 3 1 D + + + NCP11184, NCP11185, NCP11187 www.onsemi.com 4 BLOCK DIAGRAM Figure 4. Simplified Internal Circuit Block Diagram FB CS GND VCC VIN V FB −CL Gate Driver S Q R V IN−OVP OLP Timer VCC−OVP N CCOVP Counter OLP OLP. VCC V C C VCC GND GND GND MOSI MOSI MISO MISO SCK SCK RST RST RST VCC' D-D-D+ D+ D+ R E S E T FabISP David A. Mellis (from USBtinyISP by Limor Fried) CC 2.5 BY-SA 3 U S B. Title: fabisp3.sch Created Date: 12/14/2009 3:47:43 PM. gnd 3 vcc 1 op 2 u1 gnd l m35 vcc a4 temperature sensor 10k r4 rp ot vcc gnd 10k r5 rp ot vcc gnd 10k r6 rp ot vcc gnd gnd r10 10k vcc s1 sw- p b gnd r11 10k vcc s2 sw- p b gnd r12 10k vcc s3 sw- p b g 13 eck 12 ser 14 scl 10 sck 11 qa 15 qb 1 qc 2 qd 3 qe 4 qf 5 qg 6 qh 7 sdo 9 vcc 16 gnd 8 u2 mc74hc595an d1 l ed gnd d2 l ed gnd d3 l ed gnd vcc d 5 d 6 a2 a1 a0 d10 d11 d12 f 9 g 10 e 1 d 2 g1. VCC D R5 CS + C3 U1 C4 CPC 3 5,6 4 2 1 Np Ns Nfb D5 C5 R4 Vo+ Vo-GND 7 + C7 C8 R9 + R3 R13 R7 C6 R8 D7,D8 L2 CY1 C9 R12 R1 R2 For AP3983B/C/D (12V/1.5A) Item Function QTY Item Function QTY C1, C2 15µ F/400V, electrolytic 2 U1 AP3983D, PDIP-7 1 C3 4.7µ F/50V, electrolytic 1 R1, R2 2M , 1206 2 C4 10nF, ceramic, 0805 1 R3 200 , 1206 1 C5 1nF/250V, ceramic 1 R4 150k , 1206 1 C6 1nF/100V, 0805 1. Transponder SMD mit ATTiny13 SO G S D 1 0 µ 0 µ 1 BSS 138 SENSOR SPI 330 1n5 1k0 4 10k k 7 4 x B A T 4 3 3 3 0 V + P B. 0 P. 2 P. 4 G N D S O 8-+ ext. clock RST Vcc SCK MI MO GND

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Die GND-Sachgruppen werden dazu verwendet, einen systematischen Zugang zu Individualnamen und Sachschlagwörtern der Gemeinsamen Normdatei (GND) zu ermöglichen und fachliche oder Ausschnitte oder Teilausgaben zu bilden 1 = VCC C 2 = VCC D 3 = Data negative C 4 = Data negative D 5= 6 = Data positive D Data positive C 7 = GND 8 = GND 9= Key 10 = Not connected Processor mSATA FCH Hudon E1 (A55E) Intrusion Drive Power Buzzer Battery Speaker PoE PCI PCIe X1 USB USB RCV SATA Power Button LED HDD LED Power Memory Socket DC Plug COM 1 DVI-I COM 2 Display Port LAN 2x USB 2x USB Mouse Keyboard Line IN Line OUT 2x USB. mb39a132 2 ds04-27265-2z ( ) (lcc-32p-m17) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 9 101112 13 14 15 16 vcc-inc1 +inc1 acin acok-ine3 adj1 comp1 vi

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GND b e a d b e a d 0. 1 u, 5 0 v 7 5 K 1 % 2 4 K 1 % GND 22uF,10v GND 10uf,50v GND 4.7uH /SWPA3015S4R7MT GND 100K 2.7nf GND 0. 1 u, 5 0 v 5 3. 6 K 1 % 1 0 K 1 % GND 22fu,10v GND 10uf,50v 100K GND GND 6.8uH / SWPA6045S6R8MT GND 2. 7 n f BL1117-50CX 10uF,10V 10uF,10V GND 2A 180K 10uf,50v 16K 1% 22uF,10v 180K GND BSS138-7-F 47K,NL 4.7k 24K 22uf,10v 10uf,50v J1 POWER_JACKSLT L 4 L 5 C 1 R 8 R 4 1. GND COMP RT VCC CS D FB SO-8 SO-7 Applications x Mains Dimmable LED Lamps x Offline LED Power Supply Driver Notes: 1. No purposely added lead. Fully EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) & 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) compliant. 6HHKWWS ZZZ GLRGHV FRP TXDOLW\ OHDGBIUHH KWPOIRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQDERXW'LRGHV,QFRUSRUDWHG¶VGHILQLWLRQVRI+DORJHQ- and Antimony-free, Green and Lead-free. 3. Halogen- and Antimony-IUHH. D D BDM IN OPTIONAL RUN BOOT FILE: M68MOD912C32.DSN 1 M68MOD912C32 B Thursday, November 06, 2003 11 support@technologicalarts.ca TECHNOLOGICAL ARTS, INC. sales@technologicalarts.ca www.technologicalarts.com Title Size Document Number Rev Date: Sheet of PS1 PS0 PS0 RXD PS0 PS1 TXD PS1 PP5 DTR DTR PT4 PW4 PT6 PT3 PW3 PT0 PW0 PT5 PT2 PW2 PT1 PW1. VCC D/ST LEB S/OCP TSD PWM OSC REG FB 15.5 V/ 8.9 V D MAX 75% 28.5 V 7.8 V GND FM/ELP 160 μA R SQ SQ R 7.1 V Slope Compensation Drain Peak Current Compensation VREG STARTUP Istartup =1.6 mA S2 Q CK S1 R OLP t OLP = t FM ×32 Frequency Modulation RQ S UVLO ELP RST 7.1 V OVP Feedback Control 12 V OCP STR-W6253D Description The STR-W6200D series are current-mode PWM ICs that incorporate.

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vcc vcc d-d-d+ d+ gnd gnd 3v3_d 3v3_d s w _ b sw_b s w _ t sw_t dc dc rst rst cs_oled cs_oled dout dout sck sck sw_r sw_r enc_r1 enc_r1 enc_r2 enc_r2 enc_l2 enc_l2 enc_l1 enc_l1 sw_l sw_l tr_i1 t r _ i 1 tr_i2 t r _ i 2 tr_i4 t r _ i 4 tr_i3 t r _ i 3 cv_m1 cv_m1 cv_m2 cv_m2 cv_m3 cv_m3 cv_m4 cv_m4 cv_ob cv_ob cv_oc cv_oc cv_od cv_od cv_oa cv_oa v_source v _ s o u r c e v _ s o u r c e v _ s o. D VCC D O C O L f C f V O C PS CoolSETTM-Q1 CoolMOSTM W p W s R W a VCC C C R ZC2 R ZC1 Drain Zero Crossing Block Power Management-by Cycle current limitation Active Burst Mode PWM controller Current Mode Control Protections VCC CS Control Unit ZC FB GND Figure 1 Typical application Type Package 2Marking V DS R DSon 1 230V AC ±15% 85-265 V AC 2 ICE2QR2280G-1 PG-DSO-12 ICE2QR2280G-1 800 V 2.26. 1. Build an 8:3 priority encoder using 2:1 priority encoders only. 2. From the given circuit below, find the F minimum terms: VCC D D D 8:1 MUX F GND VCC D D en с в А ; Question: 1. Build an 8:3 priority encoder using 2:1 priority encoders only. 2. From the given circuit below, find the F minimum terms: VCC D D D 8:1 MUX F GND VCC D D en с. VCC D O C O L f C f V O Startup Cell C PS CoolSETTM-Q1 CoolMOSTM W p W s R W a VCC C ZC R ZC2 R ZC1 Drain Zero Crossing Block Power Management Cycle -by Cycle Active Burst Mode PWM controller Protections VCC CS Control Unit ZC FB GND Figure 1 Typical application Type Package Marking V DS R DSon 1 230V AC ±15%2 85-265 V AC 2 ICE2QR2280G PG-DSO-12 ICE2QR2280G 800 V 2.26 Ω 53 W 30 W 1 typ at T. Vcc D.U.T GND 5.0± 0.1V Vout Oscilloscope Standard 600us 600us Transmitter + 10uF 20cm Standard Transmitter Vout Oscilloscope 600us 600us 0V Transmitter Output C.Pulse Width Test B.Detection Length Test Application Circuit +5V Emitting Infrared Diode IRM 47uF Vcc Out GND GND uC >10k 47. Package Dimensions: NOTES: 1.All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2.Tolerance is ±0.30mm (0.012.

vcc gnd - Traduction en français - exemples anglais

a a b b c c d d 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 initial page: of: company: country: city project: rev: date: drawn: address: dirk_hendrik holland amsterdam p 1 1 award blues bab adl5321. data sheet. evaluation board. gnd. vcc. c6 10µf. c5 10nf. (2). c4 10pf. l1 9.5nh. rfin. 1.0pf. fin 1. nd 2. ut 3. 10pf. rfout. o rf. open. 1.2p GND is ground, the common signal and power return path. VCC is the 5V power which can power devices and charge batteries. D+ and D- are a balanced pair which provides data signalling in both directions. Normally one will be at 5V and the other at. On each wire connector you can read its meaning, which may be +5V (or VCC or Power), D+, D - and GND. Besides the meaning, in each connector you can read whether the wire belongs to port 1 (or A. VCC rot 5V+ 2. D- weiß Data- 3. D+ grün Data+ 4. ID keine Typ A: Masse, Typ B: nicht verbunden 5. GND schwarz Masse Zusätzliche PINs bei USB 3.0. PIN. Name. Beschreibung. 1. SSTX+ Datenübertragung vom Host zum Gerät 2. SSTX- mit SSTX+ verdrillt 3. GND Masse 4. SSRX+ Datenübertragung vom Gerät zum Host 5. SSRX- mit SSRX+ verdrillt Stecker Typ C USB 3.1. Beschreibung. Name. PIN: PIN. Name.

(PDF) RESET CIRCUIT VCC D tuan vu - Academia

vcc 1 d- 2 d+ 3 gnd 4 hand2 g2 c9 1uf r25 30k c1 f2 6v500ma r19 30k led5 green_led4 c a + ec6 120uf lb7 fb j2 usb a ra stacked vbus_t a1 dm_t a2 dp_t a3 gnd_t a4 s1 s1 s2 s2 vbus_b b1 dm_b b2 dp_b b3 gnd_b b4 s3 s3 s4 s4 t1 dlp11s 1 4 3 2 r24 30k j3 usb a ra stacked vbus_t a1 dm_t a2 dp_t a3 gnd_t a4 s1 s1 s2 s2 vbus_b b1 dm_b b2 dp_b b3 gnd_b b4 s3 s3 s4 s4 r2 10k r2 f1 6v500ma c7 0.1uf j1 dc. 1000.0±15 16.04.2014 Dat micro-USB 1,0m 16.04.2014 Micro-USB Datenkabel - Anschlüsse: USB-A Stecker > Micro-USB-B Stecker - Schirmung: doppelt geschirmt - Funktionen: Lade- und Datenkabe Yes, communication should fail - the reason is, devices are not allowed to feed any current into D+ or D- (which is how they communicate) until they observe Vbus (the 5V) high. This is actually guaranteed by the cable in many cases, because the device will 1) only have power from Vbus, and 2) not be connected to D+/D- until after Vbus and Gnd. Obviously 1 does not apply to self-powered devices

TFT ST_7735 Screen hookup guide

VCC GND B S 0 B S 1 B S 2 GND C S # R E S # R / W # E / R D # D 0 D 1 D 2 D 3 D 4 D 5 D 6 D 7 D C # GND BS2 BS1 BS0 RES# R10 10k,0603 R1 1 10k,0603 VCC D 1 D 0. Title: No Title Author: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP User Subject: None Keywords: llPDFLib Created Date: 7/28/2020 12:00:00 AM. 20 GND CN3 1 +VCC 2 +VCC 3 +VCC 4 +VCC 5 GND 6 GND 7 +12VDC 8 +7.5VDC 9 RESERVED 10 -12VDC 11 GND 12 GND 13 -VCC 14 -VCC 15 -VCC 16 -VCC D-Cell504 AC power supply unit Amplifier unit Notes CN1 connector BY IN and BY OUT pins 19-20 (channel 1) and 7-8 (channel 2) are available to insert external controls (filters, volume, etc.); if no external control is applied shunt pins 19-20 (channel 1) and. D r1 ~D r4 Power Cell GND REG HV VCC ZC OUT CS Power Management Digital Process Block Active Burst Mode Protection Block Current Mode Control PWM Controller Gate Zero Crossing Detection Driver Current Limitation ICE2QS01 RCS TL431 Optocoupler R b1 R b2 R c1 Cc1 Cc2 R ovs2 R ovs1 CVCC R VCC D VCC RZC2 RZC1 C ZC D ZC W p W s Wa D O C O Lf C f V O CREG CPS C DS Q 1 Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller. VCC GND IN FILT VCC T1 T2 R CVCC CFILT L1 L3B L4 L5 PIN L6 L7 L3A D+ D-Note: VCC rail noise flow Input network noise flow L2. Application Note HFAN-3.2.0 (Rev.1; 04/08) Maxim Integrated Page 4 of 5 The following measures can be taken to optimize the power supply noise rejection performance: A) Choose a right power supply filter network Connecting the VCC pin of the TO header to the filter. Am I correct in saying I still need both gnd and vcc even though the microcontroller has it's own supply via dc jack. If so then How can I stop the usb powering up the avr even though the jack is unplugged. Tags: Learning and Information, General Electronics. Log in / register to post comments; Top. js. Level: Moderator . Joined: Wed. Mar 28, 2001 . Posts: 30297 View posts. Location: Sydney. GND Vcc D Relay OUT GND +-Input impedance 5.6 k Ω Voltage judged as high level (input ON) 4.5 to 30 VDC Voltage judged as low level (input OFF) 0 to 2 VDC Vcc Sensor Load R Insert resistor OUT GND GND +24 V Power supply Input terminal (CP) Counter (Voltage input type) Z (Input impedance) Approx. 5.6 kΩ 24 V 13 V 4.7 k 5.6 k 5.6 k Vcc R Z Z V H × = + = + Input voltage = EE-SX3173/4173-P.

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