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your investment in China. Background In 2014 Germany was among the largest sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) for China outside of Asia, second only to the US. When investing in China, it is important to understand the market as well as the appropriate form of investment for one's business strategy. Whether companies are planning t Investments from outside the EU continue to grow. North America accounts for 19 percent of FDI stock, while Asia holds a eleven percent share. Especially Asian countries increased their FDI stocks in Germany in recent years. Germany is the world's largest recipient of new Chinese FDI projects Why there is criticism of foreign direct investment in Germany. Politicians and business representatives warn that German industry is being sold off, and call for more stringent controls on foreign direct investment. This is because Chinese firms are getting their hands on German high-tech companies. Like Kuka, for instance - a robot manufacturer from Augsburg. German companies have only very limited access to the market in China, on the other hand, which is why leading.

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  1. Chinese Direct Investment European FDI in China increased only moderately in Europe - Challenges for EU FDI Policy Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Euro-pean Union (EU) has increased substantially over the last decade. Whereas the EU generally welcomes inward FDI, FDI from China has been often accompa-nied by concerns. In view of these developments, th
  2. The changes to the GFI Act are the latest in a series of amendments which have been made to the German foreign direct investment (FDI) regime, consisting mainly of the GFI Act and the German Foreign Trade Regulation (the GFTR)
  3. PwC's Chinese/German Business Group Leader in Germany, or Thomas Heck, PwC's German Business Group Leader in China. Differences between Chinese and German legislation and commercial practice are often significant. Keeping up-to-date with what is happening is interesting, but also essential. Jens-Peter Otto and Thomas Heck

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  1. Annual FDI flows from China to Germany 2009-2019 Published by C. Textor, Nov 25, 2020 This statistic shows the annual flow of foreign direct investments from China to Germany between 2009 and 2019...
  2. Germany's weaknesses for FDI are: Eastern part of the Germany (former DDR) is struggling to catch up with the western part in many areas; Ageing population weighs heavily on growth; German economy is highly dependant on exports, especially to China; Ageing infrastructure; Unproductive service sector; Insufficient infrastructure for development of start-up
  3. According to the 2020 World Investment Report by UNCTAD, FDI inflows in Germany decreased by almost 50% in 2019, reaching USD 36.6 billion, compared to the USD 74 billion of the previous year. This is mainly due to uncertainty caused by the Brexit and US tax reforms, a tight labour market, as well as the stagnation in the automotive industry
  4. Germany is the second largest recipient of Chinese OFDI in Europe, with investments in the period 2000 to 2014 adding up to €6.9 billion. Since 2011, annual investment level

Total FDI stock from China to Germany 2009-2019 Published by C. Textor, Apr 19, 2021 This statistic shows the total stock of foreign direct investments (FDI) from China to Germany between 2009 and.. Moreover, as reported by the German FDI Centre and the China International Investment Promotion Agency in Germany, many opportunities may be found with reference to the transmission and energy storage technology. Most of China's new energy equipment is located in remote areas of the country and a huge amount of energy is not used due to insufficient transmission. The photovoltaic sector is. China's FDI in Europe continued to fall, to a 10-year low: Shrinking M&A activity meant the EU-27 and the United Kingdom saw a 45 percent decline in completed Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) last year, down to EUR 6.5 billion from EUR 11.7 billion in 2019, taking investment in Europe to a 10-year low. However, greenfield Chinese investment reached its highest level since 2016 at. USA and the UK: by far the main FDI partners. At the end of 2019, the United States absorbed 24% of the total FDI stocks held by the EU in the rest of the world (€2 161 bn), closely followed by the United Kingdom (€1 872 bn, 21%). They were far ahead of Switzerland (€969 bn, 11%), Canada (€399 bn, 4%), China (incl. Hong Kong; €362 bn, 4%), Brazil (€319 bn, 4%), Russia (€311 bn, 3%) and the United Arab Emirates (€271 bn, 3%) Experiences of German FDI in China . 4. Major Automotive Announced Investment. Daimler AG. Two Chinese investors, Geely Auto ($9,100 in Feb 2018) and BAIC Group ($2,800 in July 2019), invested a total of $11,900 during this period. This total represents over 60% of announced Chinese investments into Germany during thi

Foreign Direct Investment in Germany averaged 2652.73 EUR Million from 1971 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 141351.68 EUR Million in February of 2000 and a record low of -32189.54 EUR Million in December of 2000. This page provides the latest reported value for - Germany Foreign Direct Investment - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long-term prediction, economic calendar, survey consensus and news. Germany Foreign Direct Investment - values. Germany, too, has strengthened FDI laws to make foreign takeover harder. In the last few years, many countries have economically colonized by China. Australia, the country for which China accounts for more than one-third of total trade, would be the best example Foreign Direct Investment. Free and Open Markets. Every year more and more companies discover Germany as a secure and rewarding business location. Since 2010, Germany's FDI stocks rose by almost 40% to reach an amount of EUR 534 billion in 2017 Inward FDI stocks are allocated to the immediate counterpart country except for Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy and the United States for which the indicator is allocated to the ultimate investing country. Resident Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) are excluded for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, the Netherlands. FDI flows by partner country. Reporting country. Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom United.

  1. Comparative Economic Significances of Chinese FDI's in Germany The presented studies confirm the implementation of the strategy MIC2025 by Chinese investors in Germany although Chinese investment transactions have decreased significantly since 2016 both in Europe and in Germany. Possible explanations of Chinese FDI are: further growth, transfer of technology, and leverage of the own.
  2. FDI in Germany, which ranked as the 5th largest host economy within the OECD in 2011, declined by 87% in 2012 to USD 6 billion billion), Belgium (USD 85 billion), the United Kingdom (USD 72 billion), Germany (USD 67 billion), China (USD 62.4 billion) and France (USD 62.2 billion). 2 Table 1: Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Units: USD billion Units: USD billion last update: 08/04/2013.
  3. FDI Center releases study on foreign direct investment to China. German investment to China grew by 139 percent in 2018 and Germany is the largest source of investment from Europe to China. In addition to manufacturing plants, German companies are increasingly setting up new research and development centers in China to develop products for the.
  4. Höhe der Direktinvestitionen (FDI) von China in Europa nach Branchen bis 2020. Im gesamten Zeitraum der Jahre 2005 bis einschließlich Dezember 2020 entfielen von insgesamt rund 428,2 Milliarden US-Dollar chinesischer Direktinvestitionen in Europa, mit rund 79,7 Milliarden US-Dollar der größte Anteil auf Unternehmen aus dem Transportbereich
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  6. Experiences of German FDI in China . 4. Major Automotive Announced Investment. Daimler AG. Two Chinese investors, Geely Auto ($9,100 in Feb 2018) and BAIC Group ($2,800 in July 2019), invested a total of $11,900 during this period. This total represents over 60% of announced Chinese investments into Germany during thi
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This contrasts starkly with 2014 and 2015, when FDI was in the lower single digits 5. In a broader perspective: direct investment in Germany in 2018 totalled €540 billion, with €99 billion coming from the US alone (18.3%). These figures challenge the view of a potential sell-off of German companies to Chinese investors. Further, the numbers of acquisition and equity deals continuously. On the spillover effect of China's outward FDI in Germany. Yuan Gao, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China . Search for more papers by this author. Yang Li, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China. Search for more papers by this author. Mingxin Zhang, Corresponding Author. sh_zmx@163.com; Fudan Development Institute, Fudan University. Of the EUR 152bn cumulative FDI flows from the EU28 to China between 2008 and 2019, 47% has been from Germany. So German businesses in particular have been diving deep into China for many years, and some of the other biggest European companies already have significant stakes there. (Notably, German media report a Merkel-Xi side-bar agreement allowing Deutsche Telekom access to the Chinese. In 2019, China was ranked the world's second largest FDI recipient after the United States and before Singapore. The country is the largest recipient in Asia. The implementation of projects and the expansion of production investments, such as those of BASF (Germany), Exxon Mobil (USA) and automotive multinationals such as Tesla (USA), Toyota (Japan), Volkswagen and Daimler (both German), have. and the three big economies - France, Germany and Britain. A few smaller Western European countries, like the Netherlands and Sweden, have also received considerable amounts of Chinese FDI, and Eastern European states have gained some prominence more recently as a destination for Chinese multinationals. Chinese FDI into Europe is expected to continue to increase, widening geographical spread.

UNCTAD-Bericht: China wird größter FDI-Empfänger im Jahr 2020 inmitten eines globalen Einbruchs---Die weltweiten ausländischen Direktinvestitionen (FDI) seien im Jahr 2020 um 42 Prozent gesunken, wie ein neuer Bericht der Handels- und Entwicklungskonferenz der Vereinten Nationen (UNCTAD) vom 24. Januar zeigte, während China gegen den Trend zum weltweit größten Empfänger von. Germany and China: Bilateral relations. 19.04.2021 - Article. The Federal Republic of Germany and the People's Republic of China established diplomatic relations in 1972. Since then, German. Foreign direct investment into China jumped 35.4 percent year-on-year to CNY 481 billion (USD 75.3 billion) in January-May 2021, amid a low base effect from last year, when FDI into the country dropped by 3.8 percent due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, China's commerce ministry data showed. Foreign investment in the service industry soared 41.6 percent from a year earlier to CNY. About half of EU FDI in China is in the manufacturing sector, with the German automotive industry as the main investor. Germany also held the rotating presidency of the EU in the second half of 2020

The paper German FDI in China is an outstanding example of a business report. German FDI in China has been growing steadily over the last decade, particularly du China's FDI positions in the CEE countries is modest and, except for Hungary and Romania, Chinese investment plays a more important role in Western European countries than in any of the EU members of the 17+1. (Slovenia represents a special case, as 70 percent of the stock of Chinese investment in the country is connected to one single acquisition of a Slovenian video game developer with its. China's FDI into Italy. Although Germany, France, and the UK have traditionally been the preferred destinations for Chinese FDI, in 2015, Italy overtook France for cumulative Chinese FDI beginning from the year 2000. The sudden increase in the 2015 FDI flow was due to the Chinese SOE ChemChina acquiring 16.89 percent of Pirelli, the world's fifth largest tire maker, for EUR 7 billion (US$7.

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Economic Watch: Als größter FDI-Empfänger verbessert China Geschäftsklima für Investoren ---Trotz der Herausforderungen, die die COVID-19-Epidemie und die globale wirtschaftliche Rezession mit sich brachten, wurde China im vergangenen Jahr zum weltweit größten Empfänger neuer ausländischer Direktinvestitionen (FDI) und hat eine Reihe von Maßnahmen zur weiteren Verbesserung des. Official government data show that foreign direct investment (FDI) into China from Germany continues to be strong and Germany has consistently been among China's top ten foreign investors. The FDI. Mirroring German FDI into Shanghai, the automotive and chemical sectors dominated nationwide for project numbers. Again, China's growing automotive industry attracted the majority of investment into the country. In total, almost $19bn was invested and more than 58,000 jobs were created in the automotive components and automotive OEM sectors. In addition, the chemicals sector maintained its.

Outward FDI from China Historical Development, Geographical Distribution and the Obstacles to Subsidiary Business Success Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr.rer.nat.) Vorgelegt von Yuefang SI, M Sc. Erstgutachter: Prof. Dr. Ingo Liefner Zweitgutacher: Prof. Dr. Gang Zeng Gießen, Juni 2013 . Wissenschaftliche Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Ingo LIEFNER. EU FDI into China has been limited by factors such as a lack of market access, complex and costly regulations, and weak intellectual property protection. The largest share of EU direct investment into China has been in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the production of transport equipment and machinery. The service sector, on the other hand, only accounted for an average of around 10%. Chinese FDI ventures are intensifying the economic relationship between Germany and China, bringing fresh capital into the country, and creating and sustaining jobs. Moreover a Chinese investor can make sense from a business point of view. Many German businesses that have changed over to Chinese ownership in the last few years have had good experiences with their new owners. These include a.

In 2015 the Chinese FDI flows to Germany suf-fered a sharp decline, amounting to only 409.6 million US dollars. In 2014 this figure was 1.4 billion US dollars. Nevertheless, there is further potential for Chinese FDI in Germany in the future. According to our projections, Chinese companies might invest up to 4.3 billion US dol- lars in Germany in 2025. 3. Chinese FDI projects are intensifying. Foreign direct investment, net inflows (BoP, current US$) International Monetary Fund, Balance of Payments database, supplemented by data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and official national sources. License : CC BY-4.0. Line Bar Map FDI statistics according to Benchmark Definition 3rd Edition (BMD3) Datasets for IMF PGI website. FDI positions by industry - Template A. FDI positions by partner country - Template A. FDI flows by industry. FDI flows by partner country. FDI positions by industry. FDI positions by partner country . FDI series of BOP and IIP aggregates. OECD FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index. OECD FDI. But China's COVID-19 vaccine sales to Serbia and Hungary in early 2021 may enable Chinese pharmaceutical companies to break into the European market. Trade is still China's strongest lever for political influence in Europe, where countries like the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France remain the primary sources of FDI Germany's tighter approach to FDI, especially with regard to Chinese SOEs, is in line with the policies of the European Commission in the EU-Screening Regulation 2019/452, where one of the key.

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The World Investment Report focuses on trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide, at the regional and country levels and emerging measures to improve its contribution to development.. Click on the Reports tab below to download a free copy of this report. Overviews of the report are also available in all official UN languages Pandemic Slows China's Global Deal Making in 2020. Completed Chinese outbound M&A fell 45% globally to $29 billion in 2020, the lowest level since 2008. Seventh annual survey shows Chinese FDI in Europe fell 46% to $7.2 billion but rose by more than a third in North America to $7.7 billion. Foreign M&A into China rebounded strongly in 2H 2020.

Another reason for German FDI is the growing economy of China and its potential to become a dominant power. Germany has to defend its interest in a country which is set to become a global leader with an over 1 billion of potential buyers of products and services. Of course, China is a completely whole new world for German businesses that has to be explored until there is sufficient. Effektives FDI china, das auf Alibaba.com verfügbar ist, kann helfen, Versandkosten zu sparen. Die Verwendung von FDI china bietet Benutzern eine höhere Effizienz The selling of US cloud company Mendix to Germany's Siemens in 2018 is a good example of a foreign investment acquisition. Meanwhile, one of 2018's largest foreign investment mergers came between France's Essilor and Italy's Luxottica for a whopping $56bn. It is worth noting that private equity firms and venture capital drive significant amounts of FDI M&A. Greenfield FDI. Not all. German automobile industry, compared to other manufacturing industries. Yet recent industrial disputes can be attributed, though not exclusively, to the emergence of Central Europe as an attractive location for assembly operations and autoparts production. Employment and wages diverged considerably within the German automobile industry. Relative to skilled workers, the labour market situation.

FDI World Dental Congress. The World Dental Congress (WDC) is a flagship event for FDI, strengthening ties and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community. To advance the science and practice of dentistry, the WDC delivers: interactive forums covering the most relevant topics in dentistry. a dental exhibition attended by the. Taking FDI from China as an example, Figure 3 shows that there appears to be no correlation between the little FDI inflow from China into non- screening countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia and Sweden, and the large Chinese FDI inflow into screening countries like Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Among the multitude of factors acting as (dis)incentives for foreign. Chinese companies logged a 44 percent increase in investment in other countries last year, according to a UN report. But German firms cut their overseas investment by almost two-thirds FDI flows to developed countries are estimated to have declined by nearly half in 2001 from the previous record high - from over $1 trillion to $0.5 trillion. Virtually all of the major developed countries experienced a downturn in 2001. Significant decreases were reported for Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, the United. Foreign Direct Investment Regulations Update: Australia, China, EU, Germany, UK and US Publications & Events. 26 Apr 2019. Alert. Foreign Direct Investment Regulations Update: Australia, China, EU, Germany, UK and US . This Alert provides an update with respect to foreign direct investment (FDI) regimes in certain key jurisdictions since the Firm's comprehensive FDI Guide, National Security.

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FDI growth to remain robust, experts say. The growth of foreign direct investment in China will maintain its sound pace this year, thanks to the country's robust economic recovery and moves to. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been an important part of Chinese economy since the 1980s. During the Mao period, most foreign companies halted their operations in China, though China remained connected to world economy through a limited scale of international trade.Since 1978, China was again open to foreign investment and within two decades it became the largest recipient of foreign.

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Germany's trade volume with China overtook that with the US for the first time in 2016. When Trump imposed tariffs on Germany in early 2017, the German public was delighted to have China replacing the US. The importance of trade with China is framed as a one-sided dependency of Germany on China, which does not match the complexity of the. Sweden, and the large Chinese FDI inflow into screening countries like Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Among the multitude of factors acting as (d is)in centives for foreign investors, the presence or absence of an FDI screening mechanism does not seem to be a decisive factor, notably if it operates under predictable conditions and the rule of law and is not extensively time.

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Germany is placed fourth worldwide in terms of FDI projects attracted. China is ranking in fourth on the list of most important countries as sources for new investment projects in Germany. The ICT and software industry, as well as business and financial services are leading sectors in attracting new projects. Consumer goods, industrial machinery and equipment, healthcare, pharma and. It is first destination for Inward FDI among developing countries (WTO, 2012). China has developed second world's largest car market after U.S.A. and has been the largest car producer in the world since 2008. German company Volkswagen (hereafter VW) is the world's second largest motor vehicle manufacturer after Toyota Motor (CNN, 2012) and. Beijing, July 16, 2010 - China has been successful in mobilizing inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Attracted by the country's investment opportunities and by its sheer size and growing domestic market, China received about 20 percent of all FDI to developing countries over the last 10 years and over $100 billion in 2008. In terms of share of GDP and investment, FDI accounted for some 2. The 2019 report German Investment in China - Changing Opportunities and Trends was published by the German office of the CIPA. The Frankfurt-based branch serves as a platform for investment promotion between China and Germany and provides information, consultation and investment services to the Chinese government, enterprises, industrial parks and organizations

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agreements as legal instruments for the protection of FDI.4 Most notably, China has been negotiating bilateral investment treaties (BIT) since the end of the 1990s that include far reaching substantive and procedural investment protection. This new policy was a turning away from China's traditional stance towards international investment law that accentuated the host country's sovereign. Case Study of Germany FDI in China 5 model by contemplating that the competitive advantage, affiliation, market failure and environmental factors need to likewise be incorporated into the OLI framework in order to guide international production choices. international production choices. In crafted by Chen and Reger (2006), the interest of German FDI in China has been portrayed as one that has. China's Policies on FDI: Review and Evaluation GUOQIANG LONG Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been one of the most discussed topics in the drive for economic globalization. Multinational corporations (MNCs) consider FDI an important means to reorganize their production activities across borders, in accordance with their corporate strategies and the com-petitive advantages of host.

Germany had 8.0 % of the EU-28's outward FDI positions at the end of 2017, which could be contrasted with its 5.4 % share of the EU-28's inward investment positions; it was a net investor as it had a higher stock of FDI abroad compared with the level of inward FDI that was held in the German economy Case Study of German FDI in China. 1) Introduction: describe the background and problems, the issues, as well as state clearly the objectives of the research. 2) Literature review (including Methodology and data used): give a brief view of the literature in the field, of method / approach, and of its applicability and limitation. 3) Analysis.

This paper investigates the impact of FDI on trade of the East Asian economic transition countries, namely the China, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam, employing FDI flow and FDI stock data. Special Issue on FDI & China's Integration into Global Economy. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy has entered an integration stage. International capital flow and transnational corporations (TNCs) represented by foreign direct investment (FDI) have been changing the development trajectory and trend of the Asian and global. China continued to be the second largest FDI recipient after the US in 2019, including — according to the Rhodium Group — $1.6 billion of freshly announced FDI projects by EU companies in. EU-China FDI Monitor 1Q 2016 Update: Public Version This report was produced for the European Commission under the China Observatory project. See final page for full disclaimer. 2 Foreign Investment in China: Global Trends Utilized FDI into China, May 2013-March 2016 Monthly FDI flows in USD million*, percent year-on-year growth Source: MOFCOM. Official statistics from China's Ministry of.

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Chinese FDI in Europe is holding up at more than twice the level seen in North America and is taking place in a much greater variety of sectors, said Thomas Gilles, chair of Baker McKenzie's EMEA-China Group. The pipeline looks reasonably strong for 2020 in major economies such as France and Germany after a relatively quiet 2019 Mehr FDI werden in Branchen wie künstliche Intelligenz, Informationstechnologie, Pharmazie und Gesundheitswesen, High-End-Fertigung sowie in die New Economy, wie industrielles Internet, fließen, so seine Prognose. Zur Startseite. Diesen Artikel Drucken 丨 Merken 丨 Senden 丨 Feedback. Mehr zum Thema. Quelle: german.china.org.cn Schlagworte: Ausländische Investitionen,China,USA. These include China, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and India. This suggests a correlation between the number of BITs signed by a country and its ability to attract large FDI inflows

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Ausländische Direktinvestition. Ausländische Direktinvestitionen ( englisch foreign direct investment, kurz FDI bzw. ADI) sind Investitionen eines Direktinvestors in das im Ausland befindliche Anlagevermögen eines Unternehmens oder Projekts mit dem Ziel, Einfluss und Kontrolle über diese Investition zu bewahren Mahmood, Muhammad (2010) German FDI in China: An Overview. Journal of International Marketing and Marketing Research, 35 (1). pp. 39-52. ISSN 1010-734 CASE STUDY OF GERMAN FDI IN CHINA on some factors available in China which are in line with its core competencies in order to gain profitable grounds in China (Investment and Income 2007). Three central regions in China accommodate about 80-90% German investments -The Shanghai metropolis, its attractiveness to German firms is based on great infrastructure and proximity to customers; the.

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In 2019, FDI flows to the region declined by 5% to USD 474 billion, despite gains in South East Asia, China and India. Comparing relaxing and tightening trends in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC ) region in recent years, there has been conflicting trends reflecting diverse national policies and strategies, including within the APEC region Foreign direct investment in Iran (FDI) has been hindered by unfavorable or complex operating requirements and by international sanctions, although in the early 2000s the Iranian government liberalized investment regulations. Iran ranks 62nd in the World Economic Forum's 2011 analysis of the global competitiveness of 142 countries. In 2010, Iran ranked sixth globally in attracting foreign. ANALYSIS OF MOTIVES AND PROSPECTS WITH IN THE OLI FRAME WORK: A CASE STUDY OF GERMAN FDI IN CHINA Student name: SUMANTH MACHA (M00519031) Module title and number: ECS 4580 TRADE AND MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES Seminar tutor: DR. AYING LIU Word count: 3069 DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15TH May, 2015. Table of Contents 1 Abstract:- 3 2 Introduction:- 3 2.1 Over view 4 3 Literature Review:- 4 4 Background. In recent years, the amount of Chinese FDI in Europe and the US has soared. Although European and American FDI in China is still significantly higher, the discussion about fair regulations for investors in both countries is subject of expanding debate. All this takes place in the middle of the negotiation of a new investment treaty with the European Union and prospects of a trade war between.

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The US accounts for a mere $2.6bn and China for $3.1bn of the total stock of FDI, according to the CBR figures, or under 2% of the total each. UNCTAD research attempts to get a better handle on the origin of investment money and estimates that between 30%-50% of all investment from countries such as Germany and the US also arrives via a transit country and so their official FDI numbers are. Bei Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung! NRW.Global Business GmbH. Trade & Investment Agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Völklinger Str. 4. 40219 Düsseldorf. Germany. +49 211 13000-0 FDI represents more than one million dentists worldwide. We work with our members to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health and its vital role in securing overall health and well-being. We are dedicated to safeguarding the health of people worldwide through the improved prevention, treatment, and control of oral diseases. Our members. Latest news. 06/08/2021. Prof. Mark Wolff. China-EU FDI Radar. The China-EU FDI Radar is an on-going research initiative aimed at providing greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe. It currently covers 650+ acquisitions from 2010 up to the present. The data is made available to the public in an interactive map, indicating the level of Chinese state-influence for every.

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